The role of property insurance coverage in your life’s; the ownership of property represents one of our largest assets, and in many ways your property could be damaged or destroyed, from fire, natural disaster, flooding to embezzlement, your property is vulnerable as a result of a variety of other events.  Without appropriate property insurance coverage an unexpected event can easily bankrupt your ability to recover from a loss.  Our people here at Insurance Corner would welcome the opportunity to assist you in securing competitive property insurance rates, apply online or call...



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Property Coverage.

Basic package offers protection against such perils as fire, lighting, wind & hail (except when excluded) and etc.


Your home is one of your biggest investments you probable spent a pretty penny for the property and the contents inside, a homeowners policy is a package policy combining real and personal property coverage with personal liability coverage applicable to the dwelling, and appurtenant structures, unscheduled personal property and additional living expense are typical coverage at various limits. The good people over at Insurance Corner would like to assist you with your property insurance needs.  

Condo / Townhome coverage Specialty property condo / townhouse is covered different, usually the owners are typically responsible for insuring just a portion of their property on their own. However, rules differ from complex to complex. Here something you need to know ask and know about insuring a condo or townhouse. 1.What does your master policy say? 2. How expensive is the association deductible? 3. How much coverage is appropriate? 4 Are you covered for flood and wind damage? 5. Cash value or replacement cost coverage?

Bare walls in Covers all real property from the exterior framing inward, but does not cover the fixtures and installations within the condo unit. So, things like granite countertops, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, and the flooring are not covered by the master policy. This condo owner will probably have the greatest coverage need, according to Slattery. All-In Covers fixtures, installations or additions within the interior surfaces of the perimeter walls, floors and ceilings of individual units. This condo owner will probably have a more limited coverage need, according to Slattery.

There are also variations of the two types. These details should be spelled out in the condominium association bylaws. Most bylaws will talk about anything within the four walls of the unit you own,” says Matthew Cullina, director of product management for MetLife Auto & Home in New York. “Everything else is owned by the condo association ownership. Knowing specifically what you own when you buy that condo is the first thing I recommend.”
Renters coverage Less than the cost of a large pizza dinner each month you can cover your personal belonging, Many individual think renters insurance is unnecessary, the unknown exist all around you when you’re renting you can be sued for and accident that happen in your home, the unite next door can catch fire, you would be effect by second hand damage.Myth1. I don’t have enough stuff to need insurance coverage. Myth 2. My landlord will cover my property if damaged, Myth 3.Renters insurance is too expensive; how expensive is starting over, needing a place to stay, if your unit catch fire or hit by a storm.
Flood coverage The general property insurance policy does not provide protection from damages to a structure or to contents caused by flooding (rising water) and it is necessary for property owners to have a separate policy for flood insurance to cover a loss cause by a flood rising water
Windstorm coverage If your property is in area that vulnerable to tornadoes or hurricanes due to high winds, insurance companies are likely to exclude windstorm losses from your standard policies. Windstorm insurance will fills in this gap in coverage. Some characteristics of windstorm insurance coverage, it specifically covers losses due to damage by high winds, many may cover hail damage as well, and you can purchase coverage on the structure and the contents to insure possession inside your home. Don’t get caught off-guard by hurricane season, if you live in a coastal area my sure you‘re covered.
Investment Property Coverage When you are renting to someone, it best to have landlords insurance because all kinds of things can happen and you need to be sure you prospected so you don’t end up spend a whole lot of money if a tenant damage your property or your property is damage to fire, wind, hail, and tree falls; coverage to consider Loss of rental Income, and Liability insurance.
Building Risk You have made plans to build it (house, or remodel) now let’s protect your investment during the course of construction. Builder risk is form of insurance which covers a building where property is presently being constructed or remodeled. It can cover just the structure, or also the materials on site waiting to be installed or transported to the job site.
Vacant Property Most insurers will not cover a property if it is left unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days. Often the property is awaiting sale or probate, or maybe the owners have moved out while the house is extended or refurbished. Their cases where people are forced to leave their homes empty while they in the hospital or even in long term care facility. Whatever the reason, it’s important to insure an empty property in case something goes wrong.
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